Yes no maybe?…

Thrown together in a furious, last-minute panic to fill an already-committed slot at the 2018 HAAM Corporate Battle of the Bands, how many groups can say their first show was at Moody Theatre/ ACL Live in Downtown Austin?

At least one.

It really worked that night, so they kept at it, recorded and album, and here you are reading this.

JD Torian, singer and bassist put it this way: “The sound and the feel of this set-up kicked down the door. It changed how I though about playing music and my own backlog of songs. The show was total watershed moment. It got my mind out of the studio and onto the stage.”

Following the lead of the full-time musicians in the band, JD fully committed to selling his business in the summer of 2018 and going at the rock-and-roll full-time, totally removing the safety net.

“If not now when?” JD asked himself. Well, never.

The songs are a product of a massive New Wave, 80’s, and 90s record collection and tens of thousands of hours of listening. And the influences hang right at the surface, not artfully hidden.

“Would Oasis’ ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ be as great without the intro directly lifted from ‘Imagine?’ No Way!”